Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer

The dry type rectifier phase-shifting transformer is a kind of VPI dry type transformer, it is also the multi winding transformer, this dry type rectifier transformer realizes the soft start of high-power high-voltage motors, reduces the impact on the power grid and equipment wear greatly improves the current waveform on the grid side and eliminates the harmonic pollution of the power grid. The feeder, circuit breaker, and transformer run beyond the nameplate capacity caused by reactive power, improving voltage regulation, and suitable for induction motors with low synchronous speed. The phase-shifting transformer is mainly installed together with MV VFD. So this series of dry-type rectifier transformers are widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, municipal water supply, sewage treatment, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, coal, cement, rolling mill (steel mill), and other industries.


Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer


Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer Product Features


The HV & LV coils are made of Nomex products, after several times (impregnated) impregnating by H-class solvent-less varnish in the VPI vacuum impregnating equipment, and then solidified at high temperature to reduce partial discharge.

After (optimizing the heat dissipation layout) optimization of heat dissipation layout and high-quality material application, the service life can be expanded up to 30 years. The product is grade H (180) grade, with the main insulation of grade C, which enables it to have a large overload margin and good short-circuit resistance.

The core material is recyclable, and Nomex Paper will not release toxic substances when burning. The adaption of insulation materials is strictly controlled, all of which shall be UL certified materials to reduce environmental pollution.

The product has high efficiency and low loss. The harmonic generated by the motor is reduced to protect the grid from pollution.

Based on ISO-9000, fully absorbed and introduced lean production concept, we established 50 lean improvement quality criteria (LS). Each process and position has been provided with operation instructions and standardized operations criteria to implement the production plan, through timely management (SIM) to improve communication efficiency and continuously shorten delivery time. TPS with the core of production process management (MPS) has gradually been developed by connecting sales, materials, planning, supply chain, services ,etc.


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Phase-shifting transformer
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Factory Lean Management Information Automation

ZTelec Group Using Huawei design MES system to realize the automation and informatization of factory lean management, paperless production process, timely information transmission, transparent process control, and effectively control the whole manufacturing process.

ZTelec Group The MES system implements rigid control on each process node in the production process to effectively carry out process quality control;

ZTelec Group At the same time, it conducts statistical analysis and two-way traceability for key components, inspection, process testing, finished product inspection to ensure the integrity and traceability of quality data. We try to improve product quality stability and production efficiency, reduce operational management costs, and improve the company's overall competitiveness.

Raw material quality assurance

The transformer raw materials are all produced by the subsidiary "XJ Insulation material Co., Ltd", with 62 years of insulation material production history, the military industry enterprise. Not only the quality is reliable, but also the production cost of the transformer is reduced, and it has a higher cost performance.

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Quick response is made according to the customers' special requirements on the environment, appearance, efficiency, delivery time, transportation, quality, and others with providing personalized design and shortening the delivery cycle. We (provide) delivery products and services that exceed customer expectations.

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Inspection and testing are the keys to ensuring product quality, Ztelec Group has employ the most rigid inspection criteria at each manufacturing stage to eliminate unqualified products by utilizing the most advanced inspection instruments from around the world to ensure the best quality product and delivered to users.

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