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ZTELEC’s purpose is to create quality products and provide solutions to create value for customers.

Normal use conditions for the product

a Environment temperature:highest temperature 40℃,lowest -30℃ .

b Elevation:no more than 1000m.

C Relative humidity:daily average≤95%,monthly average≤90%.

d Maximum wind speed (outdoor):35m/s(10m above the ground and average value over 10 min).

e Anti-earthquake performance (with stand):8.

Order Information

+ Specification and type

+ High voltage

+ Low voltage

+ Coil material

+ Phases

+ Tapping range

+ Rated frequency

+ Vector group

+ Insulation grade

+ Noise

Note:Please specify your requirements for special products.


Revenue of R$ 17.47 billion


Revenue of R$ 17.47 billion


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