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The electric energy for railways is supplied as high voltage to the catenary feeder substations, where the voltage is reducedto a suitable level and fed to the railway catenary conductors to be used by locomotives and trains. Different railwayelectrification systems demand different kind of transformers.
Urban rail transit includes subway, light rail, monorail, urban express rail, modern tram, maglev, APM and other system systems. In recent years, urban rail transit has developed rapidly, and the scale and coverage of traffic have continued to expand rapidly. No matter it is the traction of the train or the subsystems in the station area, it consumes a lot of electricity. The normal operation of the urban rail requires a continuous, stable and safe power supply. Moreover, the rail transit is densely populated, the electrical equipment is many and scattered, and the power supply distance is relatively short. long. The traction mode of urban rail transit is mainly electric traction. In order to improve the quality and reliability of power supply, most cities use centralized power supply for urban rail construction. Usually, the 110kV or 220kV voltage level of the urban power grid supplies power to the dedicated main substation of the urban rail, and the main substation supplies power to the traction substation and the step-down substation of the urban rail. The urban rail itself forms a complete power supply network system .

40. 5kV GIS Switchgear Equipment Procurement Project for Zhengzhou Railway Line 7 Phase I and Line 12 Phase I Project

Zhengzhou City Rail Transit Line 7 Phase I project underground line is 29. 31km long. There are 21 stations along the line.  The Dongzhao train depot was built in north of the outer ring railway in the north end of the Phase I project and the south outer ring train depot built in north of the outer ring highway in the south end of the line. Zhengzhou City rail transit line 12 phase Iproject underground line is17. 034km long. There are 12 stations, a train depot, a parking garage and 2 main substations.

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Products offered: Switchgear, Dry-type transformers: rated voltage is 27. 5kV, GN19-630 insulator,LRZA-12 Current Transformer, BKGKL Shunt reactor