Integrated Solution For Wind Power Industry

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The complex operating conditions of wind power generation systems put forward correspondingly higher requirements for the capability and quality of electrical equipment. According to the characteristics and complexity of the wind power generation system industry, with mature transformer design and manufacturing technology, we provide complete transformer solutions for the wind power generation industry, including power transformers and shunt reactors for high-voltage and large-capacity transmission, oil-immersed transformers for power generation and Dry-type transformers, and provide solutions for transient voltage protection transformers for the operating conditions of frequent overvoltages. The products have many advantages such as safety, reliability, energy saving, and high efficiency, supporting the wind power industry to continuously improve the industry level.

Zhejiang Lishui Jiulong Township Tower Base Station Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project


With a total installed capacity of 300 kW, the construction will be carried out at 10 tower base stations in the township area. The balance access model was applied to this projectwith priority sales to the Lishui Tower Company at RMB 0. 69/kWh. After it is put into use, the annual power generation capacity can reach 300, 000 kWh, which will increase the income of six administrative villages, including Heshun Village, Kuping Village and Wangwan Village, by a total of 160, 000 yuan. Fifty six km from the county, Jiulong village, formed by the former Dashun and Chencun villages because of the construction of Tankeng hydropower station,  with 11 thousand gorge lakes surrounded by villages,  has poor economic foundation with little income sources due to the constraints of environmental protection andpublic welfare forest red line, as well as questions left over from history such as immigration.  China Tower Lishui City Branch as the enterprise for Jiu Long village poverty alleviation, has the rooves of the tower base stations nearby the village for the construction of photovoltaic systems, helping Jiu Long Village’s collective economic development. The completion of the phase I and phase II of the tower photovoltaic projects avoids red line constraints as well as land circulation costs, meanwhile greatly increasing project revenue with an increase of RMB 0. 27/kWh, and reducing the cost of power consumption for Lishui Tower Company, which will create a win-win situation.


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