Integrated Solutions For Biomass Power Genration

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, the problems of energy security and environmental protection have become increasingly severe. Renewable energy has become an important part of the energy development strategy and an important development direction of energy transformation. According to different fields of renewable energy application, the construction of power system is undergoing structural transformation, and renewable energy power generation has begun to become the mainstream of power construction. Biomass power generation technology is one of the most common and effective methods in the application of biomass energy.
Biomass energy is an important renewable energy source. The development and utilization of biomass energy is an important part of the energy production and consumption revolution, and an important task for improving environmental quality and developing a circular economy.

Qixian County domestic waste incineration power generation and biomass straw incineration power generation project


The project is located in Dongguan Village, Chengguan Town, Qixian County, Henan Province, covering an area of 31. 3 acres. Qixian domestic waste incineration power generation project was equipped with 1×600t/d domestic waste incinerator, 1×12MW turbine generator set, designed for daily waste treatment capacity of 600 tons, annual supply of green power roughly 78 million kWh. The biomass straw incineration cogeneration project was designed for annual biomass straw treatment capacity about 252, 000 tons, equipped with 1×130t/h high temperature and high pressure biomass boiler, and 1×30MW High temperature and high pressure pumping turbine generator set.  Agricultural and forestry straw waste in Qixian were mainly used as fuel.  After it is put into operation, it can provide green electricity of about 240 million kWh per year, helping increase farmers’ income by more than 90 million yuan, and save more than 200, 000 tons of coal.


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