Laos 450-Meter Deep Mine Project

03-18 2024 | By:

Project Introduction: 450-meter deep mine in Tak area, Laos
Products Provided: 3500kVA 10kV Power Transformer
Supplier/Factory: ZTelec Group
Time: March 17, 2024


ZTelec Group is a Chinese power and electrical factory, mainly supplying SCB series 0. 4kV-40. 5kV dry-type transformers, S11-M-30 series 0. 4kV-40. 5kV oil-immersed transformers, box-type substations, KYN, XHGN, GCK, GCS , MNS, GGJ, GGD AC and other series of switch cabinets are supplied globally and have been engaged in the foreign trade industry for nearly 30 years and are well received by customers at home and abroad.