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Dry-type transformers are the most widely used in the petrochemical industry. Dry-type transformers are mainly divided into two categories: impregnated dry-type transformers and resin dry-type transformers. Petrochemical plants have high requirements on the reliability of power supply. Interruption of the power supply will damage the main equipment, scrap a large number of products, and take a long time to recover if the continuous production process is disrupted, so it requires high reliability of electricity consumption. The petrochemical industry is sensitive to temperature, and the following advantages of dry-type transformers make it widely used in the petrochemical industry. First, the fan automatic control: the transformer load increases and the operating temperature rises. When the winding temperature reaches 110 °C, the system automatically starts the fan cooling; when the winding temperature drops to 90 °C, the system automatically stops the fan. Second, over-temperature alarm, tripping. Third, the temperature display system further improves the reliability of the temperature control protection system.

Complete set of high-voltage switchgear and reactive power compensation cabinet project of China National Petroleum Corporation Qingyang Petrochemical Company.
The project is located in Qingyang City, Gansu Province, with a procurement quantity of 20 sets.

Reactive power compensation is a technology that improves the power factor of the power supply system, reduces the losses in the power supply transformer and transmission lines, increases the efficiency of the power supply and improves the power supply environment. The reactive power compensation device is in an indispensable position in the power supply system. The reasonable choice of compensation devices helpsminimise the loss and improve the quality of the grid. On the contrary, the wrong choice or improper use may cause many problems to the power supply system such asvoltage fluctuations and harmonic increments etc.

project address:Qingyang City, Gansu Province
Products offered:high-voltage switchgear