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2022 International Transformer Market and Technology summit

03-08 2024 | By:

–Background of The Forum–

Power transformers help integrate new renewable energy plants into existing transmission networks. At the same time, the global power transformer industry will usher in new development with the increase in the use of electricity and the strengthening of the global awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” and even a longer period of time in the future, my country will further advance the “30·60” dual-carbon goal and build a new power system with new energy as the main body. It is a certain direction to build a new power system, fully support the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and vigorously develop clean energy such as “wind-solar storage”.

The supporting smart grid and UHV will also become the main force of the power system. race track. “Wangcai New Media” and “Power Transformer Vision”, as the information integration platform focusing on the global power transformer industry chain, also used its own advantages to plan the 8th China International Power Transformer Market and Technology Development Summit Forum. In-depth interpretation of trends and other aspects, combined with the future development direction of the industry, to deeply discuss the application and development of transformers in the fields of power transmission and distribution, wind power, photovoltaics, energy storage smart grid, and UHV.

–Agenda of The Forum–

Power Transformers (UHV, Photovoltaic, Wind Power)

1. New technology development and prospect of power substation under the background of “double carbon” strategy

2. Challenges and opportunities for the transformer industry brought about by the construction of UHV

3. Report on the analysis of the distribution transformer energy efficiency improvement scheme on the capacity enhancement of China’s transformer manufacturing industry

4. Typical fault analysis on wind power transformers

5. 2021-2027 Current and Future Development of China’s Ultra High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Power Transformer Market

6. Introduction to the structure and principle of wind power transformers

7. Opportunities and challenges facing China’s offshore wind power

8. Load characteristics and selection of transformers in photovoltaic power generation

9. Feasibility analysis of using split transformers as main transformers for wind farms

10. Transformer for photovoltaic power generation industry development status and trends

11. Transformer selection and design in photovoltaic systems 

12. Structural features of combined transformers for photovoltaic power generation

Power transformer raw materials, equipment technology development

1. Technical development of raw material equipment for power transformers

2. Intelligent stacking technology and development direction of transformer cores

3. Dissecting the fundamentals to gain insight into the future trend of copper prices

4. Material innovations and technological developments in electromagnetic wire

5. Technical aspects of cubic rolled iron core energy saving transformers

6. Demand for amorphous nanocrystals in smart grids

7. Research and application of green energy-saving three-dimensional winding core transformers

8. China’s nanocrystal industry development status and trends

9. High-performance insulating paper in distribution transformers: current status and prospects

10. Gas insulation materials in power transformers

11. Highly stable vegetable insulating oils and transformer applications

12. Current status and outlook for the application of epoxy resins in power transformers

13. Environmentally friendly solutions for insulating dip lacquer treatment

Development of Power Transformer Technology

1. Typical failure analysis of transformers
2. Standardised design applications and technical development trends for power distribution equipment
3. Research and practice of short-circuit resistance management technology for power transformers
4. Distribution transformer on-load capacity regulation technology and its development trend
5. High impedance transformer technology research analysis
6. Progress in research on energy-efficient transformers
7. Exploring the technology of amorphous alloy oil-immersed distribution substation

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