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The 2022 epidemic will not extinguish the love of life

03-08 2024 | By:

In May 2022, Zhengzhou once again encountered the epidemic situation unexpectedly. Ztelec Group Co. , Ltd. actively called for it to do a good job of working from home. Despite the difficulties, we still embrace life with enthusiasm.

In terms of work attitude, we work harder and insist on good communication with every customer

We also have a reliable management system to support the work : a video conference in the morning to make plans throughout the day, so that the work can be carried out in an orderly manner, and a meeting in the evening to summarize and reflect on the work

In terms of work collaboration, we communicate in a timely manner, with continuous video and telephone exchanges, and never delay customer orders

Company life is still exciting when work is relaxed. We held a special cooking competition, and everyone actively participated and performed well. In just one week, we also set up activities such as song name guessing competitions and doing aerobics together. After the activities, we distributed prizes. Zhengzhou Zhongtian Group, a united and struggling company. We are serious and responsible at work, and we are not left behind when it comes to entertainment. We will be more enthusiastic, patient, and serve every customer in the future work. Just as the epidemic will not extinguish our love for life, the epidemic will not extinguish either. Our dedication to work.

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