Continent International Auto City Project

03-13 2024 | By:

The project covers an area of 35 acres with a total construction area of 200, 000 square meters. It adopts the integrated service mode, involving unified planning, investment attraction,  operation, management,  promotion, and service, with full industrial chain including 4S stores, direct-sale stores, boutique used cars, New Energy Vehicles, parallel imported cars, automotive aftermarket, inspection line of the Management of Motor Vehicles, finance and insurance, automotive theme culture, and automotive leisure and entertainment. The project aims to create the most professional auto trade complex in northern Jiangsu with the largest scale and the most comprehensive functions, influencing and leading the auto consumption market in the local and surrounding areas within hundreds of kilometers.

Project introduction:The total electricity consumption load of the project is 17, 100kVA, with 6 sets of 1, 600kVA transformers and 6 sets of 1, 250kVA transformers
Products offered:dry-type transformer, phase-shifting rectifier transformer