Dry type transformer Energy efficiency gradeⅡ dry type transformer

Energy efficiency gradeⅡ dry type transformer

Rated voltage0.4kV-35kV
Rated capacity50kVA-2500kVA
Application scenariosThe product is widely used in power transmission and transformation systems,such as hotels,restaurants,airports,high-rise buildings, commercial centers,residential quarters and other important places,as well as subways,smelting power plants and other harsh environments.


We adopt domestic advanced technology and design and produce in strict accordance with the relevant standards for energy-saving dry type transformers in GB20052-2020. The products have the advantages of strong short-circuit resistance, convenient maintenance, small size, small footprint, and low noise. Ideal for factories, hospitals, tunnels, airports, power stations, etc.

Implementation standards

GB/T 1094. 1:Power transformers -Part 1:General
GB/T 1094. 11:Power transformers -Part 11:Dry type transformers
GB/T 2900. 95:Electrical terms transformers, voltage regulator and reactors GB/T 10228:Technical parameters and requirements of dry type power transformers
GB/T 22072:Dry type amorphous alloy iron core transformer technical parameters and requirements
GB 20052-2020:Power transformer energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency level

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