Dry type transformer SC(B)10-30~2500/20(10)dry type transformer

SC(B)10-30~2500/20(10)dry type transformer

Rated voltage20kV-24kV
Rated capacity30kVA-2500kVA
Application scenariosThe product is widely used in power transmission and transformation systems,such as hotels,restaurants,airports,high-rise buildings, commercial centers,residential quarters and other important places,as well as subways,smelting power plants and other harsh environments.


+When this series of dry type transformers is connected to a grid voltage of 20kV or 10kV, the connection state between two windings of each phase high voltage coil is controlled by a conversion device, achieving the purpose of voltage conversion by series or parallel connection, while keeping the output voltage constant. Thus, one transformer can be connected to two voltage systems of 10kv and 20kv non-simultaneously. It can reduce the repetitive investment but convenient and quick conversion and also has stable product performance.

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boundary dimension

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