Box type substation New Energy (photovoltaic/wind)Power (Generation Special Box Transformer)

New Energy (photovoltaic/wind)Power (Generation Special Box Transformer)

Rated voltage10kV/20kV/35kV
Rated capacity630-5000kVA


As a production method of clean energy, new energy power generation has developed rapidly at home and abroad.ZGSseries new energy (photovoltaic/wind)power generation combined transformers is pad-mounted transformer, whichcombines transformer body,oil immersed load switch, oil immersed fuse,switchgear, low voltage power distribution device and other supporting equipment. The high and low voltage chambers and transformers are arranged in triangle shape.Itcan simultaneously meet various configuration requirements such as user energy metering, reactive power compensation,  low-voltage shunt,etc.It is suitable for terminal power supply systems of 35kV and below,  with a capacity range of 500– 5000kVA.  The enclosure protection level can reach IP54 or above,  and it is suitable for photovoltaic and wind farms on land, water and sea.

Implementation Standards

GB  1094.1-2013:Power transformers Part  1:General

GB 1094.2-2013:Power transformers Part 2:Temperature rise   GB  1094.3-2003:Power transformers -Part 3:Insulation  levels, insulation tests and air gaps for external insulation

GB  1094.5-2008:Power transformers -Part 5:Ability to withstand short circuits

GB/T  11022-2011:Common technical conditions for high-voltage switchgear and controls standards

GB 7251.1-2013:Low voltage packages and controls Part 1:General GB 50150-2006:Electric device installation engineering -Electrical equipment handover test standard

JG/T  10217-2013:Pad-mounted  transformer


+Small  size,compact  structure,small  footprint,convenient   transportation  and  installation;

+ Low loss,low noise,low temperature rise,strong overload capacity,strong resistance to sudden short circuit;

+ Fully enclosed,fully insulated structure,safe and reliable operation;

+ The wiring method is flexible and the operation is convenient,which can be used in both the terminal system and the ring network system;

+The transformer body is installed on the outside of the box,with good heat dissipation and convenient maintenance;

+The box is treated with cold-rolled steel plate electrophoretic spray paint (plastic),which is corrosion-resistant and has strong mechanical properties;

Environmental  Conditions

a  The altitude is below 4000m;

b   Ambient  temperature  -45℃~+45℃;

C   Pollution   level:IIl

d   Relative humidity:the daily average humidity is not more than 95%,and the monthly average is not more than 90%;

Primary single-line diagram (typical scheme)

1.Primary one-line diagram of terminal type substation

Double  Split  Scheme

2.Primary single-line diagram of ring network substation

Box  boundary  drawing:(take  630kVA  as  an  example)



1.Low voltage switchgear                      4.Pressure relief valve                                          7.Vacuum pressure gauge

2.Plug-in fuse                                          5.Four-position T-type load switch                    8.Oil level gauge

3.External plug connector                    6.Casing seat                                                          9.Oil filling valve



Performance parameters

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