Low-voltage switchgear JP Integrated Distribution Box(Compensation/Control/ Terminallighting)

JP Integrated Distribution Box(Compensation/Control/ Terminallighting)

Rated voltage400V
Rated Frequency50Hz
Rated Current≤630
Application scenariosInstalled on the pole of an outdoor pole-mounted transformer, it is a new generation of ideal power distribution product for urban and rural power grid transformation.


JP  series  outdoor  integrated  power  distribution  boxes  are  comprehensive  power  distribution  devices  with  the  functions  of   metering,outgoing   and   reactive   power   compensation.It   has   the   functions   of   short   circuit,overload,over-voltage,leakage   production  and  so  on.

The utility  model  has  the  advantages  of  small  size  beautiful  appearance,economy  and  practicability, and  is  installed  on  the  pole  of outdoor  pole  mounted  transformer,and  is  a  new  generation  of  ideal  distribution  product  for    urban  and  rural  power  grid  transformation.

Environmental Conditions

a    Environmental   temperature:-25   ℃~+40   ℃;

b   Air  relative  humidity:dally  average  value   ≤90%,monthly  average  value90%;

C   Elevation:≤2000m;

d  Installed  in  the  sites  free  of  severe  vibration,impact  and  corrosive  gas.

Structural Features

The structure of box includes vertical and horizontal type.The shell is constructed of 2mm high quality stainless steel

plate,adopting multi-fold flanging process (or stainless steel double sandwich plate with honeycomb structure,with the performance of flame retardant,environmental protection,heat insulation and anti-condensation.)It adopts special

stainless steel welding technology,so the whole strength of the box is high.The surface is as smooth and clean as mirror,    without leaving a trace of the welding seam;The internal installation of the beam(plate)adopts hot-dip galvanized process  to ensure no corrosion within twenty years;The design of front and back doors of the box body is convenient for the user    to operate,examine and repair.The door is surrounded by a high-elasticity and aging-resistant sealing strip,and each door is provided with two locks of common lock and anti-theft lock,and the common lock is provided with an anti-blocking and rust-proof rainproof cover;the metering chamber is fully enclosed with lead sealing device;the side of the box is

equipped with incoming cable sleeve to prevent rain and foreign matters.Bottom is punched with ventilation holes and the cable outlet holes.The top is set with ventilation channel and wire mesh with function of waterproof,dust-proof,anti-dust,  antiforeign  matters.Protection  level:IP54.

Performance parameters

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